I use marine monitoring datasets to understand how ecosystems respond to changes in environmental conditions and anthropogenic pressures, such as fishing.

I’m currently a researcher at the Lancaster Environmental Centre (Lancaster, UK) where I am analyzing small-scale fisheries landings and visual census data to understand how coral bleaching events impact fisheries productivity in the Seychelles.

For my PhD, at the University of Victoria (BC, Canada), I used large-scale observational datasets of Pacific coral reef ecosystems to examine community-level patterns across gradients in human population density, temperature and productivity.

My work combines statistical modelling approaches with simulations to analyse observational datasets, and I use R for analysis, R-markdown for writing, and git for version control. I strongly believe in Open Science: first-author papers are released as preprints on PeerJ (and available on this site upon publication), and my R code, figures and methods are publicly available on Github.


jpwrobinson(at)gmail.com                james.robinson(at)lancaster.ac.uk